What’s New at Amber Home Care Ltd

1.  We continue to recruit & train additional carers.

2.  We have introduced a new smart phone app called “Birdie Care”® to our existing technology.  This enables clients or their nominated person to access their care records in real time: when carers have visited, what tasks have been completed, medication given, how the service user is feeling, drinks consumed, any further action required etc. etc.  It also allows staff to spend less time on paperwork and more quality time with the service user.

3.  Whilst on the technology theme we have replaced all our operational windows 7 PC’s with windows 10 systems.  This will help to ensure that our data & communications, as far as possible, are kept secure from unauthorised access.

4.  We have implemented a change of communications from “Wired Broadband” to 4G with the assistance of our service provider DATAKOM.  This has proved to be extremely successful ensuring that both our telephone systems and our business computer network are more efficient and less prone to downtime.

5.  The government has removed the remaining COVID-19 restrictions in England.  See our Coronvirus (COVID-19) page for more information.

“Thank you so much for all the help, care and kindness you gave to A**** and the support you gave to me.  I don’t know how people would manage without carers like you”?